About Us

From relatively humble beginnings to one of the world’s leading independent financial advisory organisations, deVere Group was founded in 2002 by its CEO Nigel Green.

deVere Group prides itself in providing expert and impartial financial advice to an international client base. Our 80,000+ strong clientele of mainly international investors and expatriates are guided by our dedicated team of over 500 consultants and coordinators spread across the globe. Their unwavering commitment in securing and safeguarding our client’s wealth and on how to maximise their investments is unparalleled.

Our intense deVere Group training programme will mould you into just that; a fully-fledged expert in financial advisory within 18 months. We lay down the foundations to your success. All we require from you is the right attitude, a hunger for success, a good work ethic and being able to work and get along well with others.

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