Germany named one of the best countries for uni education

31 Aug 2022

Germany has been ranked as one of the best countries in the world for higher education, according to students across the globe. Berlin was named the best city in Germany for students, whilst the University of Munich was ranked the country’s top university. A study carried out by The Campus Advisor student review site featured 17,824 students from around the world reviewing the countries where they received their university degrees.

Survey findings
The students taking part were requested to provide a rating of between one and five in six different categories, namely: Quality of Education, Cost of Living as a Student, Graduate Career Prospects, Student Diversity, Arts and Culture, and Social Life. The results were then used to rank the top 20 countries for higher education in 2022. Although Germany came fourth in the rankings, with an average score of 4.41 out of five, the German capital and the Bavarian capital performed brilliantly. Berlin came in as the best student city for 2022 and Munich’s Ludwig Maximilian University was named the best in the country.

Popular with students
Germany scored highest in the category of Graduate Career Prospects with 4.79, yet the nightlife and numerous sights and attractions were also popular amongst the respondents, rating 4.77 in the Social Life category and 4.71 in Arts and Culture. These readings led Germany to come in second globally for Arts and Culture and third for Social Life. The United States with 4.55, the UK with 4.51 and Australia with a score of 4.48 ranked higher than Germany. Yet Germany scored more than Switzerland who came in 6th and the Netherlands in 9th place

Top 10 countries for higher education 
The Campus Advisor poll says the best countries in the world for university education are: 
1.    United States
2.    United Kingdom
3.    Australia
4.    Germany
5.    Ireland
6.    Switzerland
7.    Canada
8.    Denmark
9.    The Netherlands
10.  France