Getting the video interview right

19 Jan 2023

As more and more businesses are opting for working from home or a hybrid approach, an increasing number of job seekers are moving from face-to-face interviews to video. Firms often use video interviews in the preliminary stage of the interview process, typically to filter out large applicant numbers. On-screen interviews can differ greatly in terms of length and style, so we’ll take a look at the different formats as the two principal types can generate very different experiences.

Video interview formats

Live interviews. These are akin to in-person interviews, where you’ll speak directly to the interviewer/s in real time. Live videos allow employers to undertake the traditional interview style without the applicant being required to physically be there. Naturally, this enables the recruitment process to be carried out around the world. Don’t forget it’s important to approach the interview the same way you would in a face-to-face scenario and try to build a good rapport with the interviewer.

Pre-recorded interviews. This style of interview is usually far less personal. Candidates are typically presented with pre-recorded questions and are then required to record their responses on video. This can help employers filter through a large number of applicants as they can view the interviews at the most convenient time for them.

Tips for nailing the video interview

Despite not being at a face-to-face interview, the same protocol should be followed for a video interview. Dress professionally, the same as you would if you were going to the office to meet the interviewer in person. This will help you to get in the right frame of mind to fully focus on the interview.


Make sure you carry out the interview in a quiet, well-organised space that looks presentable and professional to the interviewer. This will also help to avoid distraction and help you to maintain concentration throughout the process. 

Be prepared!

This is essential! Have your CV to hand and key information about the role you’re applying for. Research as much as you can about the company and note down points you’d like to raise with the interviewer. Be early. Log in 10 minutes before the interview is due to begin in case there are any glitches, so you can stay calm and focused.

Body language

Holding eye contact with the interviewer is paramount. Don’t let your gaze wander, do your best not to keep moving around and maintain a good posture throughout. 

Ensure you’re fully prepared, stay focused, and you’re more likely to make a good impression!