Preparing for a job in finance

03 Sep 2019

Immersing yourself into the world of finance requires learning about the industry, remaining up to date with all the happenings and working on your soft skills. In fact, these are generally more important than acquiring a finance degree! If you’re straight out of university and considering the financial industry, here are some tips you can work on:

  • Practice technical vocabulary

In order to prove your familiarity with finance, using the right terminology in financial contexts is of the utmost importance. In job interviews, references may be made to technical terms that could only be understood by people who read or study about finance, so ensure you research the jargon and quiz yourself.

  • Take small courses

Whether you opt for an online course or part-time course in person, a course you can juggle with other duties is a great way of learning about the industry without studying for a degree. This can be a good alternative to show your potential employer that you are interested in financial services.

  • Build up experience

Interning is always a great way to boost your CV and test the waters before committing to a job. If you want to impress your future employer, opt for an internship or offer help to nearby financial companies. Many will be appreciative of the initiative shown and will be eager to help. 

  • Read, read, read… and then read some more! 

The financial industry is constantly evolving and introducing new services – especially in FinTech! To remain up-to-date, impress your employer and prove your interest, it is important that you widen your knowledge by reading as many finance-related books as possible, while checking the news regularly. 

  • Work on your social media

Your social media presence is immediately researched by potential employers. After you clean up any messy posts, try dedicate a blog to finance and network with finance enthusiasts online. This is a proven track record of your passion for and knowledge in finance, so do not take it lightly!